5 Best Education Blogs Your Brain Will Really Appreciate

Nowadays, education is evolving and becoming more and more accessible. One free resource you should be taking advantage is education blogs.

Even if you’re not a student or teacher, these blogs can help teach you valuable skills you can use in your career. So without further ado, here are five education blogs to start off your search.

Check Out The Innovative Educator For New Resources

Do you ever feel like school is too boring for you? Then you are not alone. Lisa Nielson is the author of The Innovative Educator; and she understands exactly how you feel. Having been inspired by her dislike of the way public school system works, she concentrates on showing tutors how to use resources within the reach of students to make learning more interesting and relevant. Therefore, it would be a great move to let Lisa Nielson teach you about innovative ideas that are applicable in the learning process.

Check Out Edudemic to Learn More About Technology

Do you love new information on technology? Head over to Edudemic and you will certainly find something worth reading. Edudemic is most probably the largest educational blog on technology out there. Here, you could find lots of new ideas and advice regarding technology and how it could be applied to make life better.

Check Out arXiv For All Your Math Needs

Are you one of those few people who somehow fell in love with calculation? Then head over to arXiv; here, you will find lots of educational material revolving around Physics, Maths and computing. Most of the educational materials here are very complicated; so if you’re planning to visit the blog, you better have a head for calculations. On the brighter side, arXiv gives you a perfect opportunity to boost your intelligence in fields that few of us are willing to pursue.

Check Out Speed of Creativity to See Things In a New Light

This educational blog is owned by Wesley Fryer, a teacher, technology director and author. Through this blog, Fryer tackles topics revolving around digital innovation, general creativity and integration of technology in the learning process. Amazingly, you could read online or download most of his handouts and many other learning materials available on his blog.

Check Out MindShift For Unique Ideas Every Day

Are you tired of reading the same stuff over and over again on conventional educational sites? Mindshift brings something new and unique to the table. Focusing on gritty topics with an educational touch, this blog helps you learn new stuff and gives you ideas on a wide range of topics especially in the field of technology.

Get The Most Out Of Education Blogs

New education blogs are sprouting up every day. However, not all of them are worth your attention, as not all of them contain unique content. On the other hand, the blogs we have listed above are revolutionary and life-changing sites that will certainly spice up your learning process and help you be the guru of new ideas.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a teacher, a student or someone who just wants to learn something new; these education blogs will most probably prove to be worth your while. Do you know of any other great education blogs? Please let us know in the comments.

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