How to Increase Your Chances During a Job Search

Increase Chances For Job Search

Important Tips that Job Search Sites Don’t Tell You About

If you’re on a job search, here’s a little statistic you should know about. In a single corporate job opening, about 250 resumes are received. But from that, only about 4 applicants are called for an interview.

Scary, huh? That’s why interviews and resumes are the most important factors in a job hunt. You need to make sure that what you’re showing, is the best possible version of your work.

So without further a do, here are a few ways to increase your chances of getting hired.

Schedule an Informational Interview With Someone Working In That Field

Most companies today have mid to senior level manager positions available, and easy to find. The job Talk To Someone in the Industry You Want a Job secret is to look in multiple places for them. You can search on their website, get a friend to give you a referral, or use a job search engine.

You can even watch press releases on Google or Yahoo or search employees of a company using social networking sites like FaceBook or LinkedIn. Another job search secret is to be informed. Being informed is a great way to ace an interview, and find yourself employed.

An “informational interview” is the next step in your job search. Interviews like this are very low pressure and are just a way for you to find our about the position, the company, or the industry. Most of the time the person you are interviewing will be happy and willing to answer all of your questions. Being proactive is another job search secret.

Show Genuine Interest In the Job or Field You Want to Pursue

When you are a job seeker your time is spent following companies that you might like to work for. The job search secret is to let them know you are. An easy way to make an introduction is to follow press releases using social media, or on a search engine like Google.

After finding an event during a press release send the company a letter introducing yourself and also explaining how the article (referenced of course) caught your eye. The first person quoted in the article is always a great person to send the letter to. This is definitely a job search secret.

Get Creative With Your Meeting Opportunities

Creatively Meet People

Look for a potential employer to sponsor an event near you. Then help by volunteering with the event. There will most likely be volunteers with the company that you can network with. Check to see if a potential company is a chamber of commerce member or if they support any non-profit organizations or causes. Creatively getting yourself introduced to people working for they company you want to is an often overlooked job search secret.

Get to Grips With Your Skills

As well as your strengths, the skills, experience and expertise that you have built up is really important to understand, acknowledge and get across to potential employers. Sit down and review your career to date.

Think about what skills you have gained in your various roles and how these are transferable into other situations and roles. Make sure you are clear about this so that you can communicate it to others in key situations. Work with a Guide if you aren’t clear about how to do this yourself.

Evaluate Your Options Carefully For the Best Results

Before gallivanting straight into the marketplace and spamming your CV out to everyone and anyone – Evaluate Your Optionsthink about what options you have and what is actually right for you. It’s just wasted energy if you aren’t focused about what you want. Competition will be high for generic roles – so try to get specific about what option is the one that really suits you.

Concentrate the number of companies that you are interested in working for. This is the last, and most simple, job search secret. You just have to do a little research and following these tips you can go from job seekers to employees at any of the companies you are interested in.

A Job Search is a Numbers Game So Apply, Apply, Apply!

Now that you’re well versed in the in and outs of a successful job hunt, all that’s left to do is apply, apply, applyKeep in mind, the more you fill out, the better your chances of getting a call back. So knock out a hundred this weekend and you’ll be in good shape.

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